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Geophysical Engineering

Jeofizik Mühendisliği

Geophysics is a branch of science for discovering the physical and structural properties of the Sun, planets and their satellites, the Earth and its atmosphere by using physical and mathematical methods. Natural underground or sub bottom targets of interests, including oil, gas, minerals, geothermal energy and groundwater, etc., along with their surrounding media and geological settings, could have distinct physical properties. The physical properties of materials such as density, elasticity, magnetization, and electrical conductivity all allow inference about those materials to be made from measurements of the corresponding physical fields - gravity, seismic waves, magnetic fields, and various kinds of electrical fields. With appropriate geophysical methods, including Seismic, Gravity, Magnetic, Electric, Electromagnetic Methods, Seismology, Radiometrics, Geothermics, etc., the geophysical data are collected on the ground/water surface and/or boreholes/wells to catch the corresponding geophysical signatures. 


ITU Geopyhsical Engineering Undergraduate Program 
Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET,